My Experience with Asian Greek Life

“Sisters make the best friends.”

There are many misconceptions about Greek life, due to poor Hollywood portrayals and unfortunate incidents that have happened over the past several years.  The stereotyping of Greek life is extremely misunderstood, especially among Asian communities.  Prior to entering college, I was warned not to get involved in Greek life because of the stereotypes such as failing classes, endless partying, and hazing.  But I decided to keep an open mind and it really changed my life.

To be honest, I was skeptical during the recruitment process, but my first tip to anyone who is interested in going Greek is to do your research.  I researched the national page, fellow chapters (same organization but at other schools), and the chapter at my school.  I looked into things like their values, mission statements, philanthropy work and academic.  I came from a city with a small population of Asian American, so I was thrilled to learn that there was an Asian interest sorority.  I have always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and to be with people who also share the same values.  My second tip is to find someone who inspires you, as a role model.  During the first information session, I met this beautiful and tall young woman.  She was well spoken, sophisticated, elegant and poised.  I took an instant liking to her, as I said to myself that I want to be like her.  She was nice and very personal, and talking to her helped me to step outside of my comfort zone.   My third tip is you need to be able to step outside of your bubble in order to connect with others.  She was my role model since day one, and God has made our paths crossed and she became my big sister.

You need to step outside of your bubble in order to connect with others. 

Many people might not know this but for a Greek organization to stay active at a school, the whole organization must maintain a certain grade point average (GPA).  And for my sorority, in order to stay as an active member, we must also maintain a certain GPA. Academic excellence is a part of our virtues, so we place a lot of emphasizes on performing well in school.  After all, we all came for school so it should always be our first priority. Outside of school, Greek life has also shaped me to become a well-rounded individual.  Between the work experience that I have gained from holding workshops to attending big conferences for the chapter, I was able to develop strong communication skill and public speaking skill.  Since my organization is smaller in size, it took extra effort to plan events, but all of us got to wear different hats within the organization.  Those skills cannot be learned within a normal student organization, especially if one is only a participating member.  At the end of my undergraduate career, I became a member of the Order of Omega, which was an honor Greek organization, and only 5% of the Greek members get accepted every semester.

Lifetime connections and endless support

The most important things that I have gained during the past three years was relationships.  These are relationships I have my sisters, and the first person I called sister was my line sister.  Line sisters are people who are in the same recruitment process at the same school and the same semester.  I had 1 line sister, and she was the best line sister I could ever ask for.  We’ve been through so much together, joy and sadness, and she made me a better person.  She has since moved to Chicago to pursue optometry school, but we still stay in contact and check in with each other every couple weeks.  She was my ace and I see her as the captain of my line.

When I am allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of my sisters, they can finally see me for who I am. 

I also picked up a little sister last year, and a couple weeks ago marked our 1 year anniversary.  Being an only child, it was an interesting experience to suddenly have a bunch of sisters across the nation.  I now have a big sister and a little sister.  It wasn’t until I became a big sister that I really stepped up to be a role model myself.  Being a big sister is a privilege because you were chosen not randomly selected.  And one of my biggest joys right now is spending time with my little sister, my heart is so full.  My last tip is you must be ready to be vulnerable with each other.  I am happy that I have a close group of sisters that I can share my concerns and worries with, knowing that they will not judge me.   In my experience, when I am allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of my sisters, they can finally see me for who I am.

Joining Greek life was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I became a part of a strong network of driven, motivated, and inspiring people.  The well-rounded environment that I was in had helped me become prepared for real-world experiences.  The connections that I have made had helped me endlessly with finding career opportunities and mentorships.  If you are interested in going Greek, I recommend you to do your research and keep an open mind.  The experience is whatever you make of it, and the people you click with will make it worthwhile.

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