Visiting the Famous Voodoo Doughnut

“Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen, a happily-ever-after to supper. ” – Terri Guillemets

Located in Portland, Oregon, Voodoo Doughnut, is one of the must-visit destinations during my time here. I was warned that the line can sometimes be at least an hour long, but my needs to satisfy the curiosity (and a terrible sweet tooth) has made me determined to give it a try. After parking 1 block away, we made our way towards the shop filled with excitement. I braced myself for the long line in case we have to turn around and leave ~. ~, but thankfully, there wasn’t a line. We were in and out of the shop in less than 15 minutes.


It was such a cute little shop but comes with some big personalities. The brightly-colored window frames and the signature pink umbrellas on the patio were eye-catching from afar. Here are some lessons that I learned during my first visit.

Lesson 1: Bring cash! They only take cash here, and if you forget cash then they do have an ATM but you will have to pay a fee.

Lesson 2: If it looks good, eats it! Seriously, looking at the displays had me worked up an appetite and I wanted to get EVERYTHING. I went for the sprinkles doughnut and blueberry doughnut.

Lesson 3: There are 2 lines so it can go by pretty fast so quick when it comes to making selections.

Lesson 4: Be prepared to be stuffed after 1 doughnut. Seriously!! It is very sweet and very filling so you will feel full for a while. My travel buddy and I made the mistake of eating this for brunch during our visit, so we were too full to try other foods for the majority of the day.





They have a huge selection to choose from, and there were a few interesting topics as well, I loved the one with the umbrella as a decoration.

Fruit loops on your doughnut anyone? It’s like having breakfast on a dessert.



I loved the design and the bright pink color of the box. The appealing pink boxes are almost iconic in this city as I see people are taking pictures with the box as soon as they leave the store (yours truly).



These doughnuts are to die for, they were so yummy and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. The employees were friendly and outgoing, and I loved the decorations that they had. The walls are decorated with corky pictures and interesting artworks.

I’ve always loved trying new places, even if it is brief, I always try to immerse myself into the environment that is around me because it may be a place where someone has envisioned for their dreams such as a restaurant, coffee shop or bakery. As customers, we often overlook the locations, the decorations, the menu or even the music of a new place that we visit. Although my visit to the doughnut shop was less than 15 minutes, I really enjoyed the experience of being in the space and being in the company of the lovely people working there.

Thank you for reading ^.^


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