First Time in Downtown Tacoma

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

On my last night in Tacoma, my friend took me to Downtown Tacoma to do some last minute sightseeing. I spent most of my time in Tacoma, but I haven’t had time to see the area, so on my last full night, we visited his favorite ramen shop, Tokyo-Ya.

I loved the open concept of the ramen bar, guests can choose to sit at a table or at the bar to watch the chefs in actions. Their ramen selections were pretty typical to other ramen shops I’ve been to in North Carolina. The prices were also reasonable, a little bit cheaper than Charlotte.



For the appetizer, we had takoyaki, fried squid balls. The outside had a nice crunch to it and the inside was soft and fluffy, and the squid had a chewy texture. Along with the bonito flakes, mayo, and the sauce, it was a delightful starter.



I decided to go for a nice and hearty miso ramen, with an extra onsen tamago, which was a soft boiled egg. My friend also ordered a side of fried tofu, and he recommended me to do the same. The broth had a nice fragrant and flavorful from the pork bones and miso flavor. The fried tofu was added protein, fun to eat, by itself, but I recommend you to soak it in the broth a bit before eating.



The meal fueled us up to a short walk as my friend took me through a walking tour down near the harbor. Here are some pictures that I’ve captured.

These glass flowers were beautiful to look at, and the added shimmering lights made it mesmerizing. I think the setting would make an ideal place for a romantic night. The reflections the glass make for a nice symmetry for this shot.


I was taken back by the sky in the background and the bright neon light, almost like at sunset.


We walked by a bridge near the Glass Museum and got a sneak peek of the displays. The color arts were lit up by lights, offering a nice view for the passerby, a great contrast to the dark sky.


This was by far one of my favorite pictures, and the location where I took this picture was strangely appealing. I wanted to capture the lights and moving cars on the highway. My last night in Washington was very well spent. A delicious meal and relaxing stroll through the city at night next to my best friend was more than I can ask for.


Lastly, big shout out to my awesome tour guide for showing me his corner of the States. He hates taking pictures so I was extremely happy when he let me take a picture of him. The best part of this trip was spending time and catching up with him, flying across the country was worthwhile thanks to him. I can’t wait to come back.

Thank you for reading ^.^



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