My 2019 Resolutions

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good holiday with your friends and family. I hope you all had a good first week of 2019, and many more to come.

So today I am going to share with you all my resolutions for this year. I had a wonderful 2018, it was filled with many happy memories, lessons, and growth. It was one of my most eventful years yet, but I think 2019 will be even more eventful since it is the year that I am officially stepping into adulthood *cue the scary music*. As I was closing off 2018, I spent the last couple days of the year to reflect on my journey and to make plans for the new year. So most of the plans were then accompanied by a list of resolutions that I believed to be important for this year. With these resolutions, I also have planned some tasks to make sure that it happens.

  1. Enrich my personal knowledge and professional knowledge: My inspiration for this resolution is from a friend who always has a passion to learn. I want to be someone who has a lot of substance in their field, as well as in life. This mindset is allowing me to be more proactive in building my characters. The plans that I had for this include setting aside 2 hours every day to read or research new information in IT, philosophy, self-improvement books, talking to people, attending workshops, and taking on new challenges.
  2. Be better at managing my money: Finance is not my strongest suit, in fact, I am terrible at managing my own money. I’m decent when it comes to setting aside money for emergency needs, but I am terrible at spending money. I tend to overspend… a lot. I decided to pick up a book called Kakebo, which is a Japanese money management book (Kind of ironic to spend money to save money). The book begins with breaking down the different types of spending. It contains a section where I can track how much money I have available each month. Then I will be able to log my spending every day inside the book. I like it since it is physically making me come face to face with how much I am spending. If you are like me and not good at keeping up with your bank, maybe something physical like a book will be helpful.
  3. Learn and become decent at a new skill: This year was the year that I learned that there are many skills that can be achieved if I invest time and dedication to. 2018 was when I decided to take blogging more seriously, I even purchased a DSLR in order to take some of my own pictures for my blogs. I want to become better at writing blogs, such as being able to articulate my thoughts better in order to connect with readers. I also want to be better at taking pictures. I’ve never considered myself to be creative, but photography allowed me to get in touch with my creative spirit. So my plan to getting better at photography is to set aside time to practice and learn from my friends.
  4. Spend time on doing the things that I like: This last one was exciting to plan. I decided to save my Sundays for doing the things I enjoy, such as going to church, visiting family, practicing photography, spa day, and date nights for one. Last year, I was struggling to find time for myself because I always add so much to my plate. I think Sundays are meant for resting, so my plans are to do school work, working, and extra-curricular activities from Mondays to Saturdays, but Sundays will be dedicated to doing things I love.

That’s all for my New Year Resolutions, the list is shorter this year compared to previous years. But this is the first year that I had plans and actually invested efforts into planning my resolutions. I love the saying ‘new year new me’, personally, it allows me to add new things to my current routines and life. Most of my plans aren’t in-depth, aside from the money management one. I think the plans are easy to follow, but it will definitely require me to be more persistent.

Lastly, thank you so much for reading my blogs this past year. I hope to continue to share my stories with you this year.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 4.01.42 PM


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