What’s in my weekend bag?

Whether it be packing for a trip home to see my family or a short weekend trip with friends, I love keeping it light and simple.  Now since one of my least favorite things to do is unpacking, packing light has definitely helped to save me on time and not dreading it putting everything back afterward.



I like to pack a pair of jeans because they are so versatile and easy to dress.  You can pair them with a white t-shirt for a casual look, or you can dress them up with a nice blouse for a night on the town outfit.  A cute dress can also go a long way, I love pairing casual dresses with wedges for a girly and casual look.  Lastly, I always (3X) pack a shirt dress as a weekend outfit. They are so comfortable to wear, super cute and effortless with sneakers.  Perfect for running errands, quick hangouts or lounging at home.

Skin Care

I tend to be lazy when it comes to putting my skin care products into smaller containers.  So, I like using a make-up bag with multiple components where I can neatly organize the products.  Starting with cleanser, I like bringing a foaming scrub, it is so gentle on the skin that I can use in the morning and at night.  I also bring along my favorite toner, which I put it into a spray bottle, and also using it as a face mist.  I have my moisturizing essence, sunscreen (MUST HAVE), serum, and night cream.  All of these are neatly organized, and I can hang the bag wherever if there are no counter spaces.

It took me a while to learn how to pack just enough for a weekend trip.  I learned to pick out my outfits with pieces that can be mix and match so I can have multiple outfits.  The only thing I can never pack light on is my skin care products, but I’m going to get there (eventually)!  The most important thing I learned is to pack early.  If you are a last-minute packer, you would just throw things into the suitcase, and you’ll end up with a bunch of random pieces that you don’t wear or you’ll overpack.  I felt into that trap so many times, so I now like taking my times packing ahead in order to avoid the stress.

Thank you for reading ^.^, have a great weekend.



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