To The Person Who Will Love Me Next

Hello there,

My name is Linh and I love to travel. I am a believer in sharing new experiences will let us learn more about each other. I love to learn new skills and travel to new destinations, so be ready for spontaneous trips and random Groupon purchases for things such as for couple dance class, painting, and art classes.

One of my favorite places to visit so far is the aquarium, I enjoy being mesmerized by the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. I tend to lose track of time especially when I lost in awe at the Ocean Exhibit. One of my favorite animals there is the jellyfish. They are so graceful and elegance swimming around in their tanks.

Among other places are beaches, nature trails, museums, old bookstores, coffee shops, libraries, and bakeries.

Food is the joy of my existence, and I am a good eater so please don’t be surprised by my large appetite. We may or may not get fat, but do expect multiple meals with me (literally, five minutes after all you can eat Korean BBQ, I would ask for shaved ice cream). My preference for food also varies, but I do love exploring new restaurants.

My eyes are bigger than my stomach, and I would always order too much food for one seating. Most likely you will have to help me finish my portion as well. Instant ramen is my guilty pleasure so we will be spending a lot of time at the ramen aisle. I know you may worry about my health at times, and I’m sorry ahead of time if I can be childish about my love for ramen.

Cooking is one of my favorite activities, and cooking for my loved ones is my way of nurturing them. My favorite things to cook are Vietnamese foods, but I’m not the best at it so please bear with me >.<.

In the midst of my busy schedule, I really value my time and it is the most valuable thing that I have to offer. I enjoy a night filled with Netflix shows, tea, conversations, and laughter more than fancy dinners. I am a quality over quantity type of person.

I have a few scars from previous relationships, but I will continue to love as if I’ve never been hurt. I am driven with my future, so I hope to grow stronger with you. And my heart may not be whole all the time, but be sure that I will give you every piece that I have. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope to meet you one day.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 4.01.42 PM

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