How to Get Ready for a Long Flight?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been traveling quite a bit this summer, and my longest trip is from the U.S to Vietnam.  I have several items on my personal list to prepare for my flights.  From health, packing, travel outfit to my fear of flying, I got you covered.  Continue reading for how I get ready for a long flight.


A month before…

Packing is usually finished by the end of the week in order to avoid stress on the day.  My biggest goal is to minimize as many worries as possible, so check-in bags and carryon are finished a couple days prior.

packing_cubes (1)


Two weeks before…

During this time, I increase my intake of vitamins, especially vitamin C to prepare my immune system for the long trip.  I also try my best to staying hydrated, eating healthy, and light exercising throughout the week.  The night before, I also take a motion sickness pill and sleep early.



Two days before…

I set aside my travel clothes ahead of time in order to avoid the morning rush.  I opt for simple leggings, a loose t-shirt, a light jacket, and tennis shoes.  Tennis shoes are easy to slip on/off for going through security.  I like to take off my shoes during long flights, and they are easy to slip on when I use to the laboratory.

travel_outfit (1)

Fear of Flying

Two days before…

I have a big fear of flying so I always try to make sure that I am as comfortable as possible during these flights.  I download my favorite Netflix shows and Youtube videos for entertainment.  I pick a good book on my phone to read.  I make sure to bring a neck pillow so I can sleep comfortably during the flight.  This last one may be a little childish, I like to bring along my small stuffed animal to cuddle with.

inflight_entertainment (1)

Lastly, I make sure to double check all of my travel documents to make sure I have everything I need, including copies.  I hope my preparations will help you on your own trip, and I hope that it can help to minimize your own stress as possible.  Have a great summer and happy traveling!

Thank you for reading


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