The City that Never Sleeps

The city that never sleeps, New York City, has left a strong impression in my heart. In the midst of its busyness, this beautiful city has given me much inspiration. Whether it was eating, sightseeing or shopping, NYC has you covered. Continue reading my adventure through the Big Apple.

The road trip from Charlotte, North Carolina to Jersey City, New Jersey took over ten hours. We left the house at 3:30 AM and made it to our Airbnb around 1:00 PM. After checking into our accommodation, we took the ferry from Jersey City to Manhattan, New York City. Driving in NYC is scary, so we used the metro to travel throughout the city.

We hit up China Town on our first day and quenched our hunger with a bowl of wonton noodles paired with roasted duck. By my boyfriend’s recommendation, we tried Boba Guys boba tea. The matcha milk tea paired with perfectly cooked boba was perfect for the hot day.


Credit: Andy Nguyen

MET Museum

One of my favorite things to do is visiting museums, and NYC has so many to choose from. The museum that has been on my radar for quite sometimes was the MET Museum, and I was taken away by all of the art exhibits from many different cultures and timelines. My boyfriend and I spent several hours here and we only managed to explore one-fourth of the museum. Every step of the way, I was captivated by the workmanship and artistic skills from every corner of the world. The most breathtaking exhibit was the main exhibit, which was inspired by the Catholic Church.




Time Square

We ended our trip at Momofuku, an upscale Japanese restaurant. They had a good selection of small plates dishes and ramen. We took a short Uber ride to Time Square, the heart and lively soul, a must see when visiting New York. All the flashing lights and busybodies make up the city’s energetic vibe.


Credit: Andy Nguyen

New York has left an everlasting remark in my heart, and sharing it with my loved ones made the trip even more memorable. Whether it be with your family, friends or lovers, make this beautiful city your future travel destination.

Thank you for reading ^.^


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