Sweet and Sour Takes New York City

“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.” — Robert Brault

Her Story

We started making preparations for the trip since March, from booking Airbnb, car rentals, to the itinerary. Along with another couple that was also graduating in May, visiting NYC was the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the preparations were completed by Andy, the most experienced traveler in our group. I knew that we were in good hands since NYC is one of his most visited destinations. I think outside of the trip itself, I was really looking forward to being on the road. What’s better than endless conversations, jokes, naps, and music?

Being in the first few months of our relationship, setting a strong foundation through experiencing new things is essential for the overall health of the relationship. And since both of us will be traveling individually for about two months, we were trying to make as many memories together as possible. Especially since I would start working a full-time job in July, taking long trips would be difficult. Our time was limited, we were on a crunch to explore as much as possible, and because we were in New York, adventures were waiting for us at every corner.


I’ve never seen such an energetic Andy before until we set foot into Manhattan. He was a bit all over the place with his excitement, which helped to amp up my own excitement. Hearing the little snippets from his childhood as we explored China Town, I tried to imagine a younger version of Andy. Did he have the same high spirited when he visited the last time? Something about him sharing the nostalgic memories that made me felt closer to him. As if we were on a tour of his memory lane, I let him be my guide and my storyteller as I immersed myself into the city.

We went together as a group of four, then we split up into our separate pairings. He took the lead as we explored KTown, The Met, and endless streets. Conversations were flowing, from creative work to hobbies, to each other’s past, to goals and dreams. The stream of talks was never-ending even when we crossed the streets, exchanging kisses and stealing glances when the other was not looking. And that was when I noticed myself starting to fall in love with him.

His Story

Imagine being in your favorite city in the world, and then imagine being there with the person you love. Traveling is an interesting concept especially when you’re in a relationship. You come to realize certain tendencies, little knick-knacks that they do, especially when you spend 10+ hours in the same car. And while it might be easy to complain about these little things, I’ve come to love every little part.

I noticed there was a part of the road trip where we were both sitting in the tight and cramped back seat, both dead tired. She told me “lay your head on my lap”. I remember looking up to see her beautiful face and I stared deeply into her light brown eyes. This was one of my favorite moments from the entire trip. In fact, there were many moments like this, many moments that I wish I could slow downtime. I had another one of these moments when we were riding the Staten Island Ferry back at night. The beautiful New York skyline in the background, the light cool breeze of the water, and all I wanted to do were holding her in my arms and slow downtime.

I could tell you about pigging out in Chinatown, or walking through and being awestruck at the Met, but those moments aren’t what makes a relationship. Relationships live in the little moments — the moments where you want to slow downtime. So if you asked me “what’s it like going on a road trip with your significant other?” The best way I could respond is that you start discovering the nooks and crannies, the small little things, the gestures that mean the world to you — the reason why you love them.


See more of our adventures as we explored new eateries and stepped back into time at the MET Museum.

Check out our road trip

Check out our adventure at the MET

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