My Favorite Foods From NYC

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food” — Paul Prudhomme

As I spoiled my taste buds with endless flavors of different eateries in NYC, I cannot begin to tell you how much money I spent on food but it was worth every penny. And today I am sharing some of my favorite things that I had during this trip. I highly recommend you to check out these places the next you are visiting New York. I guarantee that you will enjoy everything to the last bite!

Soup Dumplings | Joe’s Shanghai | China Town


Starting this list off strong with one of the best things I’ve ever eaten (my keyboard is covered in drools as I am typing this >.<) To start off, we got the pork fillings and the crab fillings, and the crab was actually my favorite. It was my first time having them, so you begin by biting a small hole, drink the soup (it was super hot and I managed to burn my tongue), and eat the dumpling. I rarely regret anything in life, but I really regret not going back there for a second time, or third, or forth.

Smoked Pork Ramen | Momofuku | East Village


This smoked pork ramen was a modern twist to the traditional Japanese ramen, and it came with smoked pork belly, egg yolk and bamboo shoot. I loved the smokey flavor from the pork, it was a nice touch compared to the braised pork belly. The yolk added a mild flavor to the dish, and I happened to love egg yolks so I loved it as a topping. The noodles had a good chew to them, not as chewy as I would like but it was still cooked perfectly.

Korean BBQ | Kang Ho Dang | Korea Town


My carnivorous dream was this meal. We ordered a set of different cuts of pork, which was different from the usual all you can eat we have in Charlotte or Atlanta. It came with egg souffle, cheese corn, banchan (Korean side dishes), and kimchi jjigae. To be honest, I wish the set was bigger since there were four of us. But it was the only meal that we didn’t overeat, which was odd since it was supposed to be a very heavy meal.

Matcha Lava | The Spot Dessert Bar |

St Marks Place


A perfect combination between warm dark chocolate cake filled with ganache and flavorful matcha (Japanese green tea) ice cream. The cake was to die for, not overly sweet but still very satisfying. The matcha ice cream had a distinct matcha flavor, but not overwhelming. This is literally match made in heaven (I’m drooling all over my keyboard looking at my pictures).

The Harvest| The Spot Dessert Bar | St Marks Place


This dessert was too pretty to eat! It was a combination of berries, soft cheesecake, and oreo crumbs. It came with a side of early grey milk tea that you would pour into the pot, and the tangy raspberry sorbet was perfect to offset the sweetness of the main attraction.

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Thank you for reading ^.^

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