Product Review: Reusable Water Bottle w/ Filter

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Over this summer, I visited my family in Vietnam for three weeks.  Now I love visiting the motherland because of the food, the people, and the vibes were everything that I remembered from my childhood.  But it was such a struggle to always have to carry several water bottles with me everywhere I went.  If you’ve never been out of the country before and is planning on traveling to Southeast Asia, beware, the tap water is not always safe for drinking.  For the people who have been living there, all their lives can safely consume the water because their bodies are used to it.  But for us, we’ll be exposed to new germs and bacterias that we may not have in the States.

My first time home in 2016 for a 2-week visit I spent over $50 in water, which may not seems like a lot of money, but in Vietnam, $1 is equivalent to 23,000 dongs, essentially a meal. Which means I spent over 1 million dongs on water. Ridiculous, I could’ve spent that money on my family and friends, but in a new environment like Vietnam, water is an expensive necessity.

Brita Water Filter Bottle saved me so much hassle and money.  I carried it with me everywhere I went, I can just fill it up with water and drink it directly from the bottle.  It is easy to clean, and environmentally friendly.  Plus, it is also super convenient to use for flights.  Everything is more expensive at the airports, so I like to carry an empty Brita Water Filter Bottle and fill it up before boarding.  Some airports have water stations that have a built-in filter, but it is so annoying to find one that is broken, so having a built-in filter, I can stop at any water station, fill it up, and I’m good to go.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 4.01.42 PM

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