3 Things I Wished I Knew When I Started Blogging

“The Internet has given us 10 or 15 new styles of communication: long messages like blogging, and then short messages like texting and tweeting. I see it all as part of an expanding array of linguistic possibilities.” ― David Crystal

I began blogging consistently since last year, and it’s been about a year since my first return post from 2 years of hiatus.  After months of trials and experimentations, I finally got into a routine going from inspiration to publishing and advertising for my blog.  It took a while before I finally got a hang of things and my blog didn’t pick up until recently.  I decided to take blogging more seriously because I wanted to create a place where readers can experience new travel stories, getting lifestyle advice and meaningful inspiration.

To begin with, there are so many things that go into a single blog post, especially for a good quality post.  It was a little difficult in the beginning since I didn’t know what to do, and there were many times I lost sight of why I created Linh’s Journal.  I wasn’t proud of my craft because I didn’t think I was doing enough, but I realized that wasn’t the case, it was because of a high learning curve.  It took me about a year to finally get a hang of managing my site as well as writings.  So I’m about to save you some time by giving you some of the lessons that I’ve learned after one year of being a new blogger.

Figuring out your niche

When I began writing, I enjoyed writing about anything that inspired in my daily life, which was fine but it was super disorganized.  I had way too many interests so my categories and tags were everywhere.

There is nothing wrong with diverse interests, however, this made it hard to figure out my audience.  I went back to why I started Linh’s Journal, which was to create a community to empower readers with inspirations and meaningful stories.  After doing a lot of souls searching, I narrowed down my interests on things that I can go in-depth with, things that are important to me.

If you are just starting out, I recommend you to focus on two to three topics and start building your contents and blog site around them.  Not only it will make you feel less overwhelmed when it comes to brainstorming for content, but it will also help you to go further in-depth with the subject matter.  It is more valuable to have meaningful contents that you truly care about.

Interact with readers and the greater blogging community

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Replying to comments and interacting shows that you appreciate them.  After my posts go public, I like to set aside time to visit my readers’ personal blog and show support for them by reading through their posts and leaving meaningful comments.  I prefer leaving in-depth comments for blogs that resonate with me, especially if their posts brought on a new perspective on my life.  Comments are also meant as words of encouragements.  Quality blogs require efforts to go from an idea to a post, so showing that same support for your readers will allow you to cultivate an organic base of followers.  Even if you don’t agree with the writer, I think it is still good to consider the overall efforts that they’ve put into their writings.

Read and follow other bloggers

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

I wish that I started this sooner as a new blogger because it would have saved me so much time and would have set me for better traction.  I realized that my posts were poorly organized, making it difficult for new readers to find my latest posts.  I restructured my site to improve the layout of my posts and navigation links.

I highly recommend you to dig around and follow several bloggers, consider it RND.  Seasoned bloggers can provide valuable insights on things like how to market your site, posting on social media, scheduling posts, finding stock pictures, etc.  There are courses out there that teach you how to manage your blogs, and before you pay money for them, I highly recommend you to do some research first and find your own inspirations.  I promise you will find many values by following and reading blogs.  Best way to get better at blogging is to read blogs.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle

I hope these tips are useful to you in your blogging journey, it is a learning experience and you will learn as you progress.  Don’t get too discouraged in the beginning, especially if you hit a writer’s block.  If it does happen, then close your laptop, take a couple deep breath, go for a walk or do something relaxing and get back to it.  Blogging is a hobby, and as long as you are sharing contents that are meaningful to you, you will sure to enjoy it.

Thank you for reading ^.^



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