Hidden Destination: Dragon Fruit Farm in Vinh Long

My stay in Vinh Long, located in Southern Vietnam continued as I explored more of the beautiful scenery that the countryside has to offer. Vinh Long has always been close to my heart. I revisited all the memories of spending Tet (Vietnamese New Year) when I was a little girl, I would get to visit Vinh Long once a year. My grandma would collect us on her little boat from the main road located twenty minutes from our home. During big occasions where we would have more guests, my uncle Ten would be the one to collect us on a larger boat.

Since then, the trip from our house to the main road no longer take twenty minutes but ten minutes via moped. The vehicle of my childhood was no longer there, neither was my uncle. The fruit garden is one person left to attend to. As I explored what was left behind by my uncle, I also collected the last pieces of his tragic passing during my stay.

The trip home was more heartfelt than I had anticipated, I was more grown this time compared to the last time. As if my soul senses the need for humbleness, my foreigner demeanor quickly disappeared, as I strived to immerse myself into the culture of my people. It was my first time in a dragon fruit garden, a type of fruit that I recalled seeing closer to central Vietnam. It was neatly groomed, filled with labor and full of love from my aunt and uncle, and even though he is no longer here, the fruit of his labor still bloomed beautifully.

Check out my vlog here as I immersed myself into the culture of the hardworking, honest and kind-hearted humans of South Vietnam.

Thank you for reading ^.^

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