The Reasons Why I Love Can Tho, Vietnam

One of my favorite places to visit in Vietnam is Can Tho.  For the past couple hidden destination blogs, I’ve been sharing about the layback experience of being out in the countryside.  I love being in the countryside of Vinh Long, you get the greenery of the rice paddy fields, coconut trees, calm breeze, and relaxation, yet if you are looking for something fun, 15 minutes by moped will take you to a whole other world to the buzzing city of Can Tho.

This growing city is one of the biggest and fastest-growing cities in Vietnam, not as crowded as Saigon, but still filled with endless restaurants, hotels, shops, coffee shops, and tourist attractions.  The nightlife here can range from laid back food hopping at the night market, strolling on the walking bridge, or vibrant filled bars and seafood restaurants.


My night out with my cousins took me to the bright neon bridge located at Ben Ninh Kieu, one of the most famous locations in Vietnam.  This location is an ideal place family to come to enjoy the breeze or young people to come with their friends.  It is also located near the night markets, filled with food stalls that serve up some big flavors.  If you are not feeling the food market, then there is also a traditional night market, filled with shops that sell handmade gifts and souvenirs.

Can Tho is a smaller Ho Chi Minh city, not as busy, not as expensive, yet the people are much kinder and more genuine.  It is definitely one of the most underrated cities to visit when anyone looks into visiting Vietnam, but it is definitely an awesome hidden destination.

To see more of my night out in Can Tho, check out my newest vlog at Sweet & Sour here:

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