A Day at The Beach in Ben Tre, Vietnam

My trip to Southern Vietnam took me to Ben Tre, famously known as the land of the coconut. From our house in Vinh Long to the beach was a three hours road trip, it was super tiring but it was all so worth it.

Our family rarely travel anywhere, so it was a great time to finally traveled with them. One of my little cousins have never been the beach before, so when he went swimming in the water, he yelled out “this water is salty!” and it was the funniest I’ve ever heard. We rented a little hut at a restaurant that came with shower tickets after swimming in the ocean for approximately 800,000 dong, which was about $45. The beach was super crowded, filled with people traveling for vacation. Many families brought food from home, they rent grills from the restaurants to cook fresh seafood that can be bought at the fish market nearby.

My cousin and I skipped out on swimming because it was too hot, so we decided to walk down to the fish market right on the beach for some fresh seafood. It was such a nice experience to enjoy time with family and the liveliness of the beach.

We brought fresh seafood from the market and brought it over to nearby vendors for cooking. One the left side is sweet and sour crab, stirred fried in a delicious tamarind sauce. We also ordered garlic shrimps from the restaurants that were brought out on a charcoal grill to us at our table. You can’t get any fresher than that.

Please check out my newest vlog for my full day at the beach, don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and click subscribe.

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One thought on “A Day at The Beach in Ben Tre, Vietnam

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