5 Things I Want To Do After COVID 19 is Over

As I am constantly checking the news for COVID 19, anxiety has made itself comfortable in my daily life. I’ve been so eager to fly through the weeks, hoping that the next week will deliver better news. After looking through a few blogs, I came across Jenny’s blog, from Jenny in Netherland, where she shared the things she wants to do once we can return to our normal lives. It gave me so hope and inspired to start looking at a hopeful future, rather than constantly living in stress and fear of the unknown.

Take a road trip to visit my friend in New Jersey

One of my best friends is graduating from nursing school, but due to the pandemic, I will not be able to be there to see her walk across the stage. It’s been over a year since I last saw her, and I cannot wait to pay her a visit. We talked about meeting in NYC before and for us to meet each other’s boyfriends. Good friends don’t let distance disrupt their friendships, but friendships do take efforts to maintain.

Visit my family that lives an hour and a half away

I haven’t been home to see my parents in a while since the quarantine happened. I really miss having a conversation filled with waves of laughter over a good meal. I also haven’t seen my aunt, who has been undergoing cancer treatments. Since she’s much more prone to getting sick, it is dangerous and to avoid putting her at risk, it’ll be best to stay put.

Make a pilgrimage to Asheville to recoupe

Asheville has always been my sanctuary and I just love running away there whenever I’m going through a difficult time. It’s like coming back home to a place that is so friendly and inspiring, amazingly soothing for my soul. I just love the feeling of walking through the streets to different boutiques, delicious restaurants, and peaceful teahouse. Traveling solo is one of my favorite activities to do alone, as my way to spend some quality time on my own.

Take my dogs for a walk at the dog park

A few days prior to mandatory quarantine happened in North Carolina, my boyfriend and I brought home a new puppy. I must say that she’s one of the heartwarming things that is keeping us sane. Since most of the dog parks in our city are closed, it is difficult to keep our dogs all couped up in the apartment. I love letting them roam and explore freely on their own, so I can’t wait to take them to the dog park for some fresh air.

Book my trip to visit my family in Vietnam

Back in September of last year, I brought three plane tickets to visit Vietnam for myself, my boyfriend, and my mom. Due to the pandemic, our trip was canceled and we didn’t get any money back. Aside from the loss of money, we were more disappointed that I didn’t get to see my family, especially my grandmother, who was excited to have both mom and I visit at the same time. Vietnam is our true home, and I can’t wait to visit with my two loved ones.

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