How to Spoil Yourself During Time of Month (PERIODT).

Time of the month, AKA T.O.M, Mother Nature’s gift to humanity, can single-handedly pause everything that I have planned for weeks. Some of you may find it relatable to plan a nice vacation just to have it ruined by your period. And before the worst part happens, we often experience a whole week of premenstrual syndrome, PMS for short. Some symptoms include unable to control our emotions, breakouts, bloated belly, ungodly cravings, and the list goes on.

As I am typing away on my keyboard while sipping on hot tea to ease my cramp, I am inspired to share how I spoil myself when I’m on my period. Disclaimer, I’m great at having self-discipline, but when it comes to my period, everything goes out the window.  I have the tendency to overwork and overstress, but my period humbles me and reminds me that I’m not invincible. Please continue reading for inspiration!

sorry I ovary-acted
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Endless Servings of Hot Tea

Drinking tea has always been my favorite go to whenever my body experience physical stress, such as sickness or during period. It is also soothing during stressful time when I’m experience hormones imbalance from lack of sleep or anxiety. Different teas have different healing and soothing abilities.

One of my favorite teas to drink is peppermint tea, which help reduce bloatedness and menstrual cramping. These symptoms can often cause uncomfort throughout the day and using peppermint tea as a natural supplement for medicine is super helping.

Another type of tea that I like to drink is chamomile tea, especially during the night time to help me sleep. I sometimes experience insomnia due to stress from work and personal life, and it often intensify during my menstrual cycle. Chamomile tea is great for relaxation as I prepare to wind down after a long day.

Bye Bye Friends, Hello Sleep

I’m actually not one to bail out on my friends, so a week prior to my period, I would block off my schedule as much as possible to allow myself time to rest. I feel less obligated to say yes since I’m much more sensitive during this time. It’s funny how we are better at setting our own boundaries when we are not in a good place. Whereas those boundaries should’ve always been there.

Sleep is vital to our health and growth, when we sleep, it allows our body to process new things and heal itself. But sleeping during your menstrual cycle may be difficult, thanks to your fluctuating hormones of estrogen and progesterone. Continue reading the next few tips to get better sleep.

Hot Pack to The Rescue

Ever since I discovered hot water pack, it has been a major life saver to my life. It is easy, convenient and resuable, and super afforadable. I fill mine up with boiling water before I go to bed, and I would hug it against my stomach to help sooth cramps. The material is thick so it retains the heat for a long time. Since it comes with a sleeve, it helps to protect you from the hot pack from getting too hot.

I also like to use it on my lower back, where it tends to get achey after sitting down for a long period of time. It may seems a bit bulky, but I think it is similar to cuddling a warm pillow. I like to bring my hot pack with me to bed, especially helpful for when my cramps wake me up in the middle of the night, I can snuggle it and fall back asleep

Healthy Food Saves the Day

I have a great love for instant ramen, processed delights that are full of sodium. But during my menstrual cycle, I try to practice discipline to say no to ramen. Eating high sodium food can cause bloatedness, and processed foods can also cause breakouts. Feeding our body with junk foods full of sodium, sugar, and chemicals is like adding fuel to fire. Our body is already experiencing hormones imbalance, so we must do our best to make sure we are supporting our bodies during this time. If you are experiencing bloateness and cravings, check out these tasty infused water recipes from one of my favorite health coach. Her recipes are amazing, simple and tasty that anyone can follow.

Find Time and Energy for Light Exercise

Honestly, exercising is probably one of the last things that we want to do but it’s actually one of the most important for us to do. Exercising helps to increase your endorphine level, you know, your happy hormone. It can help to ease your PMS symptoms and enhancing your mood. Light to moderate exercise may also help you to sleep better at night. If you don’t have to go all out with your workout routine, instead try yoga, pilates or even walking. Find time and energy to help your body feel better and recover faster.


I hope that these tips are useful for you, especially if you are looking to create a new routine or system to take care of ourselves during your menstrual cycle. Most of these tips are things that I always stick to when Mother Nature comes knocking. Taking care of ourselves during this time may already become second nature, but I hope these are also good reminders for you to slow down and take care of ourselves.

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