The Women That Helped Me Got My Life Together (and they can help you too)

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After a year of blogging and creating vlogs, I am a huge fanatic when it comes to watching and learning new content. In the current social media landscape, there are so many creators and influencers to follow. I believe our exposure to these individuals has been more expansive, and they can influence the way we live our lives. Since I am in my early twenties, I think I am in a spot where I was able to observe different types of influencers and creators. Many of them are great role models, while some make me question if they are just in it for the clout (being famous and having influence)

As a huge content consumer myself, I’ve started to curate a list of amazing creators, all happened to be women, that I religiously followed for the past couple of years. They really helped me to get my sh*t together! Their messages had helped me through hard times and inspired me to keep chasing my dreams. I believe these women are amazing and inspirational to everyone, so if you are in a place that needs some guidance, please continue reading.

Chelsea Fagan | CEO of The Financial Diet

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Credit: The Financial Diet

I found Chelsea’s channel when I was a senior in college, struggling with my finance because I had zero sense of money management. I’ve always had a negative relationship with money and finding interesting videos on financial literacy that also doesn’t bore me to death was impossible. After I started following her advice I’ve gotten better at budgeting and saving and I was longer getting texts from my bank that I only have $50 in my bank account.

I am now on a journey of saving money, paying my student loans while growing my wealth. If you are struggling with self-discipline on your spending, check out her YouTube channel. She also has a great podcast called The Financial Confession where she invites actual financial professionals to share their stories. My favorite episode was when she invited a self-made millionaire, Stephan Graham, where he shared his enthusiasm for the FIRE movement.

Susan Choi | Creator of STRESSPROOF

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 7.47.19 PM
Credit: StressProof Podcast

Ever since I started college, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with stress. Even though I always convinced myself that stress was necessary, I did not know how to manage it, until I found StressProof on Spotify. Susan’s story was similar to mine, being someone who was an overachiever, always seeking the next big things. After she fell sick due to stress in her professional and personal life, she started her recovery journey by doing work with emotional and brain management.

Many of us, always tend to the outcome of stress rather than the actual cause. With Susan, her podcast dives into managing our expectations, personalization, and how to constructively manage the way our brains think. It is so encouraging to me, who is always letting my thoughts bringing me down, to find real actions that can help me take back my power. My favorite podcast from her is about personalization, where the things we say can be interpreted differently by others and vice versa. This had helped me tremendously to not second guess other’s intentions, causing myself to become anxious out of fear that I am being judged.

Rachel Hollis | Blogger at MsRachelHollis and Author of Girl, Wash Your Face

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 7.50.04 PM
Credit: Girl Wash Your Face

I came across Rachel’s book when I was looking for self-help nonfiction at the library. I fell in love with her story right away, and I finished her audiobook in a span of a week. Her story of coming from a traumatic childhood to her first love, busting her a*s to build her career as an event planner, eventually a successful blogger and an even more successful mother. Her stories come with meaningful messages that I think every young people can relate to.

My key takeaway is not letting my past define who I am and who I will become. Seeing her success story as a blogger helped to build my confidence in chasing my dream of having a blog, and sharing my stories with you. If you want more, then check out her other book Girl, Stop Apologizing. This is such a powerful book that many of us will appreciate, especially if we always put ourselves down to make others more comfortable. An awesome good read for young women!

Ashley | Video Creator and Fashionista at BestDressed

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 7.53.49 PM
Credit: bestdressed

Ashley is the youngest creator that I follow and the youngest one on this list. My boyfriend introduced me to her when I started my self-love journey. In fact, my favorite video from her is her solo date. It was quite simple, but I think sheds light on self-care shouldn’t cost you anything. Seriously, I watched it over and over again whenever I need some TLC in the love yourself department.

As a young creator, I think Ashley has a great sense of fashion and aesthetics. I enjoy playing her apartment makeover videos whenever I am working on a creative project or editing. She is one of the most authentic YouTubers out there, especially when she is not afraid to discuss depression, social injustice, racisms, and female beauty standards. I appreciate honesty, especially within the social media landscape where fashion and beauty bloggers are always trying to sell their products without concerns about society’s needs.

Casey Ho | Fitness Instructor and Creator of Blogilates

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 7.55.46 PM
Credit: Blogilates

My struggles with poor body image started when I was in high school, and I remember looking for videos on how to lose weight and dieting. When I found Casey, her workout videos are more centered around a healthy lifestyle with physical exercise and a balanced diet. Especially since she is a Vietnamese American, like me, our culture’s beauty standards have always been skinny and pale. But she is the first person that showed me beauty comes in different sizes and shapes.

During this quarantine period when the gyms are closed, I like to follow her short workout tutorials on Blogilates Instagram. I save a list of different tutorials including warm-ups and stretches. If you are someone who has been struggling with your weight, I think Casey will be a great mentor/coach, because she is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and positive body image.


The current diverse social media landscape has greatly expanded the amount of content that we see every day. Since most of us are spending time on our phones, social media is a great place for us to find inspirational creators or influencers to follow. My list of amazing women to follow reflects my different needs in life, their content is my go-to places to learn new things and to become inspired to write and create. Whether it is finance, fashion, stress management, or fitness, I am so happy to have found these wonderful gurus.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, and please do share your favorite content creators/influencers that you like to follow in the comment section. I’m always looking for new creators, and I would love to know yours.

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Awesome Women to Follow For Getting Your Life Together

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