Budget Self Care: Spa Day at Home

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I’m officially homeless for the next two weeks because my old lease is up, but my new apartment is not ready until the beginning of August. I’ve been so stressed with moving, furnishing expenses, and settling in my temporary home (parents’ house). My body has been aching for a little TLC since I haven’t had time to take care of myself. Since I already spent quite a bit this month on moving, I decided to save my wallet with a budget-friendly DIY spa day but definitely not skimming on the relaxation.

Preparing the Space

One reason why I love going to the spas is because of the inviting and cozy atmosphere. I like to recreate the space by first deep cleaning my bathroom, adding my favorite candles, and bringing in clean towels. I spend a few days before watching cleaning/decor videos for the bathroom to give me some inspiration for putting together my at-home spa.

Picking the Right Scent and Lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference when it comes to our space. I prefer having natural lighting from the windows, but if you don’t have a window in your bathroom then I recommend using warm lights to create a relaxing ambiance. The next important thing is a good smelling scent, preferably from candles. I like a calm scent that is not too overwhelming with perfume. My favorite candle scent is the Rose Water & Ivy from Bath and Body Works, it is a 3 wicked candles that burn well without leaving a long-lasting scent afterward.

DIY Masks and Your Favorite Sheet Mask

Continuing with my spa inspirations, I like to hop to the kitchen for some DIY face masks. One of my favorite ones to use is three ingredients oatmeal scrub, milk, oatmeal, and honey. It is gentle on the skin since it will not scar your skin, yet it will help to clean away dead skin. Check out this guide for some of my favorite DIY masks for your skin concerns. These masks are great to use while you are relaxing in the bath, easy to rinse, and cheap to make.

After the bath, I recommend treating your skin to a sheet mask filled with ingredients that will hydrate your skin. My favorite one is from Dr. Jart’s hydrating sheet masks. I will put it on immediately after drying my face with a flannel since my pores are still open, ready to absorb the nutrients. It’ll leave your skin feeling plump and hydrated for the next few days.

Show Love to Your Hands and Feet

Honestly, I think we tend to forget to take care of our hands and feet on our day to day hygiene routines. Treat yourself to a warm manicure by cutting your nails, trimming your cuticles, and use limes to clean underneath your nails. This is a trick that my mom always uses to clean specks of dirt as well as to polish her nails. I also recommend to soak your feet in warm water and a bath soak, check out my DIY recipe here.

While soaking your feet, treat your hands to a warm lotion mask. Start by preparing a bowl of warm water, two plastic bags, and your favorite lotion, or body oil. Thoroughly put lotion on your hands and a few extra pumps into the plastic bags. Place your hands in the bags, secure nicely, and place them into the warm bathwater. You can repeat the same process for your feet to hydrate them and finish with a massage.

Light Refreshment

Most spas that I’ve been to would always serve some fancy drinks. I swear even though the water recipe is so simple, it just tastes much more expensive and refreshing in such an atmosphere. Combine your favorite fruits, such as apples and oranges with sparkling water and ice, and you’ll have a tasty spa drink.


I hope you find this at-home spa useful for your next self-care day or staycation. Honestly, having a day where we can rest and fully dote on ourselves is satisfying. Especially because most places are still closed or restricted due to Covid-19, a spa day at home is safe and can save us lots of money. A whole day of the spa can be quite pricey, yet a day at home is less than half the cost, taking care of yourself from head to toe. For more self-care routines, check out my healthy routine here! As always, thank you for stopping by!

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