Bucket List: Making My First Knitted Blanket

Hello world,

Welcome back to another Bucket List post, where I try a new activity on my personal bucket list, from pole dancing to participating in a pageant. I hope my bucket list will inspire you to start checking things off of your bucket list.

I’m so excited to share this blog with you because I’ve finally done something that I’ve always thought was IMPOSSIBLE. I hand-knitted a throw blanket.

Growing up, I never thought of myself to be crafty nor have the patience to create something that took almost two weeks to complete. Even to my parents, I think they have up hopes on me ever being crafty after my many failed art projects growing up.

Like many of you, quarantine has done a great number on my personal life, especially in the self-development area. I was keen on growing myself, especially into things that I never found comfort in the past. I was also inspired by my partner, who has been building furniture from scratch to get creative and make things.

One Pinterest board and two trips to Hobby Lobby later, I gathered all of my inspirations, DIY videos, and multiple balls of yarns, bigs, and smalls. I was ready to make a cozy throw blanket with cute pompoms as decorations.

Making the PomPoms

To get my feet wet and my fingers comfortable with handling yarns, I started the project by making mini pompoms (The word is so fun to say and it puts a smile on my face!). Which was fun at the beginning, but the time I got to the 10th fluff ball, I was tired of the meticulous tasks,

Wrapping my small-sized yarns around a fork at least seventy to eighty times to make sure it is fluffy and rounded. I lost count on the wrapping several times so a few were more chunky than others. They are quite cute and reminds of me of the dust bunnies from My Neighbor Totoro.

We made roughly fifty-seven pompoms, and we didn’t want to look at another one till the next day. I recommend putting on a movie or a TV show, it goes by in no time after you get the process down.

Hand Knitting the Blanket

After gaining more confidence in handling the yarns, I moved on to the blanket with the big yarn. I went for a cream color since it would make a cozy decorative piece for my couch or my bedroom. After watching a DIY video on Pinterest, I got started with my own fluffy blanket.

Initially, we bought two balls of big sized yarns, oh how innocent we were!!! Needless to say, it wasn’t enough, but it did give us a confidence boost to finish both balls in one afternoon. A few days later, we bought another five balls of yarns and that’s when it turned into a week-long project. It was mostly repetitive tasks over and over that really got me, but I eventually found a new YouTube channel to burn through and kept me distracted.

As for the pompoms, we tied them onto both sides of the blanket, making it cozy and eye-catching. A few days later, our dog Coco, managed to get her paws onto the pompoms, left us with traces of small pieces of yarns.

Credit: Linh’s Journal

We ended up using six balls in total, and it was big enough to cover us in case of a light breeze. We tied up the side, tucked the last piece of yarn, and made sure everything was nice a tight.

Final Thoughts

Credit: Linh’s Journal

Credit: Linh’s Journal

How did I feel after completing my first project?

PROUD!!! I was proud of myself for being able to complete the entire project. It was the first item that I’ve ever made from balls of yarns turned into a cozy blanket. Even though there were some hiccups, such as knitting them the wrong way and having to redo several times. I’m proud of myself for being able to stick with it and not giving up.

If I did give up the project, I feel as if I was letting myself down and accepting that I shouldn’t try new things if I’m not good at them in the past.

Will I do it again? If so, when?

I will definitely do this again, maybe as a present for my mom or closed friends for Christmas. I may have to start quite early to complete all of them on time.

Recommendation for our curious readers?

Give it a try and go for it! There are tons of DIY videos on Pinterest and YouTube that you can follow. For materials, I recommend going for colors and textures that are the most aesthetically pleasing to you. You have to like the materials in order to push yourself to complete the final product. Lastly is to pick a new show that you are interested in or pick a show that can play in the background as you work.

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