Visiting the Beautiful City of Savannah

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Savannah, one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S, with its rich historic roots and mesmerizing scenic views is a must-visit destination for travelers. From museums, sightseeings to delicious seafood, I guarantee you will have a great visit to this charming city. Continue reading for my travel itinerary for accommodation recommendations,(location is everything), the food at all price range, and money-saving tips for your museum visits.

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Where to Stay

Location is everything especially when it comes to visiting a new destination. You want to be in close proximity to social scenes or scenic views. For our accommodation, we stayed in an AirBnb that was minutes away from downtown

Staying in downtown allows you to be within walking distance to many parks, shops, and restaurants. If you don’t like walking, it is around a 5 minute drive to the town center with paid parking.

I love the location of my Airbnb because of the historic charms surrounding it. I felt as if I was stepping into a dreamy European town. I enjoyed my stay because the listing was exactly as described, along with a charming back patio in the middle of this busy city. I also gave them points for their hospitality and timely communications.

Places to Visit

Fort Pulaski

Price: $10 per person

The fort is a national monument, a time capsule of the historic struggles of the Civil War era. It is located about twenty minutes from downtown and only another fifteen minutes from Tybee island beaches. Once entering the fort, visitors are free to walk around and explore the different quarters of the fort.

We were lucky to visit on a beautiful sunny day, luckily it was breezy since there wasn’t much shade. We walked across a bridge to enter the actual fort, be on the lookout for hidden doors. The fort was home to soldiers living quarters, cannons, and jail cells. Families also brought their lunch to have a picnic in the open ground at the center of the fort.

Telfair Museums

Price: $20 per person w/o tax

The museums were one of my favorite attractions. The tickets came with admission to three locations, Jepson Center, Telfair Academy, and Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarter. All three of these locations are within walking distance from each other, closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Jepson Center was our first stop where we purchased our tickets. It is a modern museum with modern art and historic pieces from different places.

All of the exhibits come with capacity limitations to ensure 6ft social distancing.

Telfair Academy was a beautiful two stories mansion housed nineteenth and twentieth-century paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and historic documents.

If you are a sucker for tall ceilings and marble floors like me, you will love visiting the academy.

Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarter was my favorite. The tour was scheduled ten to fifteen minutes apart due to social distancing with a virtual tour via QR code. The ground of the mansion is charming, taking you back in time.

Rather than showcasing the rich and wealth, I think the tour did a great job of highlighting the true life of the frees and the enslaves living in the house.

Tybee Island Light Station

The island is ten minutes away from Fort Pulaski, right across from the beautiful beaches of Tybee Island. From bottom to top there are 178 steps with resting platforms at every twenty-five steps.

If you are scared of height, this may be a little scary but I promise the view is worth it.

Prohibition Museum

This museum is by far one of the most interesting places that I’ve been to. The entire experience walks visitors through the rise and fall of the prohibition era, decorated with propaganda, ludicrous crimes, flappers, and fast cars. My partner liked this museum the best because of the intricate and immersive set design.

Travel tips

Book your tickets ahead of time

This tip doesn’t apply to the museums since you can purchase your tickets upon arrival. The only place where I experienced a wait was at Tybee Island. If you are interested in doing a boat tour at Tybee Island, you definitely need to book your tickets prior to reserve your spot.

Save on money by cooking at least one to two meals

This tip is more of budgeting and saving while traveling. I prefer to cook at least one meal if you are staying at an Airbnb while saving money for other activities or gifts.

Wear comfortable shoes

Since everything is within walking distance, it is more convenient to walk rather than driving and parking between places. Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk and stand around with for a while. Check out my packing guide here!

Download the parking app

Street parking can be difficult to find during busy days, and they usually come with parking meters. You can pay at the station using cards and coins. But if you are not comfortable with touching the meter, you can pay through the parking app that is easy to use.


Savannah, GA is one of the most beautiful and historically rich destinations that I have ever been to. From the eerie Spanish moss, exquisite architects to the splendid museums, this city stands as the time capsule of the past while embracing the vast modern tourism. Travelers will be satisfied with how much this city has to offer. Thank you for visiting my blog, stay tune for more travel blogs.

*Due to the current travel restrictions, please check local resources for travel precautions

This is not a sponsored post by any means, and there are no affiliate links associated. These are my recommendations through friends and personal experience 🙂


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