11/14/21 – Finding New Inspirations

I'm not sure why no one taught us to be more sure of ourselves before sending us to college just so we can decide on a career for the rest of our lives.

How to Build Emotional Resilience

After the sh*t show that was 2020, my fragile mental state is holding by a thread. It was a difficult year for many of us, with waves after waves of global crisis, national crisis, and our personal crisis. I literally grew the equivalent amount of grey hair in my college years but in a span … Continue reading How to Build Emotional Resilience

What to Get Your Boyfriend This Holiday (Based on Their Love Language)

It's the most wonderful time of the year, between the quality time, gift-giving is one of my most favorite activities to do. This year is my and Andy's (my bf) second Christmas together. Shopping for our boyfriend isn't always easy, and sometimes we have to result to their wishlist (where's the surprise in that?) So … Continue reading What to Get Your Boyfriend This Holiday (Based on Their Love Language)

Dealing with Self Imposter

Self imposter syndrome (Imposter phenomenon) - the feeling of fraud, fueled with self-doubt. Where a person doesn't acknowledge and internalize their success. A post from the American Psychological Association went on to explain that people who have experience with this feeling often attribute that their successes were pure products of luck. The feelings of anxiousness … Continue reading Dealing with Self Imposter

Visiting the Beautiful City of Savannah

Hello world, Savannah, one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S, with its rich historic roots and mesmerizing scenic views is a must-visit destination for travelers. From museums, sightseeings to delicious seafood, I guarantee you will have a great visit to this charming city. Continue reading for my travel itinerary for accommodation recommendations,(location is … Continue reading Visiting the Beautiful City of Savannah

How a Toxic Relationship Changes You

Hello world, A toxic relationship is mental scarring. Even after severing ties, it can still haunt and inflict damage on us. Self-esteem, self-respect, trust, finance, and precious time. Things that could have been invested nicely elsewhere yet went down the drain and can take years to recover. Why are toxic relationships so dangerous? Many can … Continue reading How a Toxic Relationship Changes You

How to Feel Inspired When You Hit a Creative Block

Hello world, It's your girl Linh, welcome back to my blog. I'm here today to discuss a *very serious* topic, and it is the writer's block! Dun dun dun!!! I'm sure most of us have encountered the block before, whether it was during our college years trying to fill the page requirements or posting a … Continue reading How to Feel Inspired When You Hit a Creative Block