Puppy Diary: Daily Routine Puppy Routine

Hello world, After months of adapting to our new puppy, Coco, we finally reached a proper routine. Coco is now three months old, and we’ve been quite attentive to make sure she’s healthy and happy. Since it’s been a while since we have a puppy, my SO and I were quite clumsy at times. but … Continue reading Puppy Diary: Daily Routine Puppy Routine


Things to do during Quarantine

Hello everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this time. Although it has already been more than a month since our state-mandated quarantine, I'm still having a difficult time adjusting to the situation. The act of leaving our house has been so daunting with many extra precautions that must be in … Continue reading Things to do during Quarantine

Glow Up Diary: How I Planned for Lunar New Year

Watching my lastest video to see how I planned for Lunar New Year. In Vietnamese tradition, when it is your zodiac age, you're bound to encounter some misfortunes. And man, I sure encountered quite a few. If you remember from my story at the beginning of the year, there were so many misfortunes that happened … Continue reading Glow Up Diary: How I Planned for Lunar New Year