My Favorite Restaurants in Savannah

Hello world, Being a coastal city, Savannah is home to the freshest seafood. Most of the places that we visited have different styles of cooking from each other but the quality was amazing across the board. The food is budget-friendly and perfect for all of my foodies. Check out my last blog for a full … Continue reading My Favorite Restaurants in Savannah


My Favorite Things to Eat in Vietnam

*Warning: This post will make you hungry* Vietnamese cuisine is endless and extensive, and even though I grew up eating Vietnamese food all my life and I thought that I have eaten everything there is. My last trip to Vietnam really humbled my taste buds because there are still so many amazing dishes that I … Continue reading My Favorite Things to Eat in Vietnam

The City that Never Sleeps

The city that never sleeps, New York City, has left a strong impression in my heart. In the midst of its busyness, this beautiful city has given me much inspiration. Whether it was eating, sightseeing or shopping, NYC has you covered. Continue reading my adventure through the Big Apple. The road trip from Charlotte, North … Continue reading The City that Never Sleeps