Establishing My Brand: Who Am I?

“The world needs a sense of worth, and it will achieve it only by its people feeling that they are worthwhile.” ~ Mr. Rogers

Here is my story about self-acceptance, and I hope that some of you can relate to it. Growing up, I’ve always been my worst critic and always criticizing myself for not being good enough, whether it be in school, sorority work, or personal relationships. There were times when I had to recall my personal a2tend academic accomplishments to put on a resume or cover letters, and I always found it difficult to do so because I’ve downplayed my achievements so much that I couldn’t recall anything, nothing I’ve done was ever good enough. None of those achievements were properly acknowledged by me. I would always tell myself “you could have done better” or “that was pure luck”. Over time, it led to me having a terrible relationship with myself.

One of my goals for this year is to build a more supportive and healthier relationship with myself. I wanted to spark the self-love that I have been depriving myself of, and reestablish self-trust that I’ve lost over the past several years. I was inspired by my sorority sister, Purity, to take time and reflects on who I am as a person, and these are the physical and personality traits that I recognized over years. These traits are just some of few things that I love about myself, there are more to me as a person, and I am so excited to be learning about them every day.

  1. I am a Vietnamese American
  2. I am intelligent
  3. I am a sorority woman
  4. I am a Christian
  5. I am passionate
  6. I am a role model
  7. I am a friend and lover
  8. I am creative
  9. I am clumsy
  10. I am a daughter
  11. I am dependable
  12. I am hardworking
  13. I am a first generation college student
  14. I am an innovator
  15. I am a giver
  16. I am a romantic
  17. I am motivated
  18. I am a hugger
  19. I am caring
  20. I am a dreamer

Big shoutout to one of my sorority sisters for giving me the idea for this blog. Please check out Sincerely Purity for some heartwarming and sincere stories. Thank you so much for the inspiration <3.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 4.01.42 PM

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